Tools To Use

Constant Contact

Looking for a way to spice up your e-mail campaigns?  Check out it’s an easy way to send  your e-mail marketing and post closing surveys. Better yet, it looks professional,  it tracks your open rates, and reduces the spam factor by allowing recipients to unsubscribe.


AMAZING!!!  Need I say more, gone are the days of driving to meet your clients to pick up documents.  No more printing and faxing of the contracts.  It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s life changing.  It will save you time, thus make you more money!

Conversion is the difference between getting traffic and getting leads. A low conversion rate means that your visitors are unimpressed. We can change that. We can make your site convert traffic into leads.


Hands down, the coolest way to host an event.  Forget about e-vite, that’s fine for personal parties, but for business you have to check out  It no only advertises your events on the internet and allows you to advertise via social media like facebook, digg, and linkedin.  It handles all the event details like buying tickets and surveying the attendees.  It’s amazing!


This is great for brokers, especially ones who are trying to save money and switching to a virtual office environment.  Now you can have your office meetings and be more productive than you ever were.  Are you an agent looking to do interactive webinars with a small number of clients, then check out

Mobile Phax

With Mobile Phax, you’ll never have to run to Kinko’s again, or worry about having to get back to the office to send a fax.  It’s so cool, all you need is an iphone, I think it works with Blackberry’s as well?  You take pictures of the pages you want to fax, and it send it via e-mail in a PDF formate.  It’s that easy, and it’s really cheap!

Phone Tag

Looking to save time?  Make money?  How much time do you spend checking your voicemail a day, a week, a month? It’s fantastic to get your voicemail e-mailed and texted to you.  You also get a cool audio file to CYA, that you can file away.  You know, just in case!

Overwhelmed by social media?  Not sure how to handle multiple accounts?  Checkout it’s a one stop shop for all your social media profiles.  All you do is text in your status updates, and it updates all your accounts at once!  Social media made easy.

Press Release Grader

Wonder if your press release is well written?  Check out  It will help you analyze your press release for search engine optimization and readability.  You won’t want to “release”  with out it.


Looking for a free way to post press releases?  Check out  This is an easy way to get your company’s news and events out there for the world to know about.  It’s time to speak up and brag about how awesome your company is!