10 Must Have Tech Gifts for Road Warriors

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Looking for affordable, unique gifts for your loved ones or yourself? Here are 5 Must Have Tech Gadgets all Road Warriors need, and a few more gift ideas I thought sounded cool! What’s on your list this year?

1) Kindle Fire – At $199 who can’t resist finding out what all the fuss is about.  I love Amazon, so I think I’ll like it. They say it’s the iPad2′s closest competition… I want to find out! Is this on your list?

2) Mophie Juice Pack – True Road Warriors are always on the phone.  Don’t find yourself without battery power for the ever so important phone call.  These small cases double your phones’ battery life.  Only $79 online!

3) Motorola t505 – A must have if your car doesn’t come equipped with built in Bluetooth.  You will love the way this little device integrates with your car’s radio.  Buy it online at Amazon for the best deals about $60.

4) Drivesafe.ly App – You can now text and drive safely!  This is the perfect FREE gift to “give” your friends, clients and kids.  Who knows you might even save a life.

5) Wide Angle Lens Kit -for your iPhone or Video Camera – For all of us who shoot photos with our Smartphones you can now use this wide angle attachment to get the best photos possible.  $50 on HDhat.com

And now for some other fun ideas!!!

6) Square up – Think PayPal for you Smartphone.  It’s perfect if you sell products, have a fundraiser, or a garage sale.  Or someone just owes you money.  You can now accept credit cards for ANYTHING with just your phone!  And it’s FREE… what a great gift for those you know who are in any service industry.

7) The Flip – Ok, so they are going out of business-  but I just LOVE this camera.  So while supplies last you can still manage to get a 1 hr one for $80!

8) Roku - Looking for a way to save $$$ on your cable bill?  Check out this little black box that streams Hulu, On Demand Movies, Netflix and so much more.  They start at $50.

9) 3m Pocket Projector – Ok, so I have to admit, I have no idea who would want to spend $250-$400 on one of these, but I just think they are really cool.  And who knows you might now that person looking for one!

10) Video Light Kit – Perfect for those budding video freaks out there.  This is a way cool add on, and makes a huge difference in your production quality. It’s only $70.  Gotta love HDHat.com

Bonus 11) Anything Apple —-  You really can’t go wrong here.  But the point of this post was affordable. While I believe Apple is well worth the investment, it’s not exactly the cheapest on the block.

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Happy Shopping!!!  Keep us posted on what you decide is the best tech gift out there!

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